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We understand Recruitment Challenges faced by Foreign Subsidiaries in India

Increase in Recruitment Trend in India

Expatriates trend is increasing and lots of expatriates like to work in India and we help in finding those Expatriates for the corporate.

Indian Employees have a wide range of knowledge and skills in many high tech industries.

They have shown themselves to be pragmatic, capable of making the transition between one type of industry and other.

There is steady flow of young people with excellent IT and Telecommunications skills necessary for new business in India.

Labour cost comparatively low compared with other economies in the world.

At Global Opportunities through our extensive database of job seekers we are able to respond quickly and effectively to most of our clients requests.

Executive Search is popular among the medium and large companies which are industry specific where only experts can manage the business requirements and where in expertise knowledge is required.

This form of search is at its most useful where short term and or extremely difficult vacancies arise. In this search people are hired for a limited time period and head-hunting can be employed.

Global Opportunities help clients in identifying and appointments of Independent Directors, CEO, CFO, CMD for the companies, We focus on identifying the candidates based not only on the skills but also on the requirements and objectives of the client. Global Opportunities have partners with the leading executive search firms across the globe.

Shareholders now expect directors to be remunerated according to performance rather than longevity. Appropriate director remuneration can be as important as the board structure or composition itself. We have developed a team of advisors and methodologies to assess director remuneration packages.

India has gone from being largely labour intensive to highly a technologically oriented market. It is a great business opportunity for global companies. More than that it calls for meticulous attention to expatriate planning.

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