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Shareholders now expect directors to be remunerated according to performance rather than longevity. Appropriate director remuneration can be as important as the board structure or composition itself. We have developed a team of advisors and methodologies to assess director remuneration packages across a broad spectrum of situations. A wealth of global comparative data is used to analyze remuneration structures and assess the appropriateness of fees, share or options grants committee fees and other arrangements.

Our ability is to consistently source & advice on designing the salary structures and arranging the very best talent enables our clients to achieve competitive advantage in challenging markets. At Global Opportunities consulting you are assured not only of a very cost-efficient recruitment solution, but also a highly effective one. We provide direct advice on remuneration and designing of salary structures and components as per applicable Indian laws under one roof. We work closely with you to accurately identify what assets you’re looking for in a candidate, and then we’ll search the entire market to source people who provide the best match in terms of experience and expertise, and who also have a successful track-record of delivering results. Our team of expert Market research spend time on finding the suitable and candidates and would also design the salary and give you the remuneration advise.

Yet bringing the best candidates to the table is only half the job. We also work to educate clients in presenting their proposition in the best light - to actively sell the role. Because just as candidates need to sell themselves, at this level, so do employers. Recruitment at board and senior management level is about finding people who can provide the leadership to take your company where it wants to go. Because wherever you’re organization is heading, it helps to have people on board who know the way.

At Global Opportunities we understand your further needs on remuneration and questions that would be put you by the senior level employees and we provide the best solutions for the same, Whenever you ask us to source a candidate we will take the time to understand precisely what skill-set and experience, remuneration you’re looking for - because the better we understand your needs, the more effectively we can meet them. We’ll then dig a little deeper to discover what other attributes you’re looking for, so we can clearly identify individuals who fit with your corporate culture and values. The remuneration being a vital component and budget you have in mind to spend annually, keeping your forecasted remuneration figures to be paid into consideration we would create a search. This allows us to deliver solutions that meet not just your short-term operational goals, but also your longer term strategic objectives. It’s about sourcing the kind of people who can make a real difference to your business, Our team at Global Opportunities would offer your consistent support on payroll management, remuneration planning and recruitments under the same roof.

I have used Global Opportunities to assist me with IT & Operational recruitment. I have always found Global Opportunities to be extremely professional and focused. They take the time to understand the needs of both sides involved in a recruitment process.

- Director HR
Leading Diagnostics company in Gurgaon, India

Global Opportunities have been selected as preferred supplier for all IT and Technical recruitment. Their understanding of our business and speed of delivery has made them stand out against all of their competition – Very good service time and time again.

- Recruitment Head
Leading IT Technology & CMM Level 5 company in Bangalore, India

Global Opportunities have been a consistent source of inspiration and help in IT Recruitments in India Ltd. A strong team guidance and flawless help in recruiting resources for the Zone. Always been clear in his vision and clarity of job work.

- HR Head, India
Leading Telecom Company, India

Global Opportunities Executive Search helped us in the search for a VP/GM in our sector. We worked closely with their partners during the process and were impressed with their market insight and the personalized attention and time they dedicated to our search.

- Head HR, Asia Pacific
Leading Financial Company

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