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Increase in Recruitment Trend in India

We understand Recruitment Challenges faced by Foreign Subsidiaries in India

There are numerous reasons why foreign companies are moving into India especially from Asia and Europe and currently investing huge amount of capital in India. There focus is take the benefits of the growing Indian economy and in fact all the business economies in the world would like to take the advantage of the growing Indian economy. The role of Executive recruitment firms also increases, Some of the these are purely commercials reasons such as developing globalizations of operations in the wake of competitors, gaining entry into massive economic market of the India, taking advantage infrastructure, manpower, high quality telecommunications, first class banking services and financial services in India. However, several reasons are undoubtedly personal related and Global Opportunities Executive Search talks more about the same and create solutions for new subsidiaries.

  • Expatriates trend is increasing and lots of expatriates like to work in India and we help in finding those Expatriates for the corporate.
  • Indian Employees have a wide range of knowledge and skills in many high tech industries.
  • They have shown themselves to be pragmatic, capable of making the transition between one type of industry and other.
  • There is steady flow of young people with excellent IT and Telecommunications skills necessary for new business in India.
  • Labour cost comparatively low compared with other economies in the world.

Inevitably, when foreigners invest huge sums of money in projects abroad they expect to be able to exert considerable influence on the way their development are operated. Global Opportunities Executive search make the best use of the local talent and arrange high quality staff for the employers in India. We also advise on the terms of agreement that need to be set between the employer and the employees.



I have used Global Opportunities to assist me with IT & Operational recruitment. I have always found Global Opportunities to be extremely professional and focused. They take the time to understand the needs of both sides involved in a recruitment process.

- Director HR
Leading Diagnostics company in Gurgaon, India

Global Opportunities have been selected as preferred supplier for all IT and Technical recruitment. Their understanding of our business and speed of delivery has made them stand out against all of their competition – Very good service time and time again.

- Recruitment Head
Leading IT Technology & CMM Level 5 company in Bangalore, India

Global Opportunities have been a consistent source of inspiration and help in IT Recruitments in India Ltd. A strong team guidance and flawless help in recruiting resources for the Zone. Always been clear in his vision and clarity of job work.

- HR Head, India
Leading Telecom Company, India

Global Opportunities Executive Search helped us in the search for a VP/GM in our sector. We worked closely with their partners during the process and were impressed with their market insight and the personalized attention and time they dedicated to our search.

- Head HR, Asia Pacific
Leading Financial Company

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