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We offer payroll solutions for advise for Expatriates

India has gone from being largely labour intensive to highly a technologically oriented market. It is a great business opportunity for global companies. More than that it calls for meticulous attention to expatriate planning. HR practitioners in India, particularly compensation and benefits specialists would find it useful to understand remuneration practices followed in the rest of Indian region. The remuneration package of the expatriate should normally include base salary, cost of living, allowance, bonuses, ex- gratia, reimbursement of school fees, utilities, house rent, transportation, tax reimbursement for more info get in touch with

Global Opportunities offers guidance on the suitability of tax equalization and tax protection for a particular assignment and also details and manages the implementation of the process. Our team can also run "corporate payrolls" and prepare personnel tax filings for Expat employees in India. We also advise all of our clients to design a special tax structures for their expatriate's employees depending on the savings, take home salary, deductions and keep all the major compliances in mind. Over a period a time Global Opportunities have been appreciated by various organizations as we have acted as an integrated one point of contact solution to better protect you and your company. Global Opportunities assure proper salary management of the expatriate employees in the branch offices of the foreign companies in India.

Outsourcing payroll processing offers phenomenal advantages to the corporate sector, especially the small and medium sized businesses. Some of the advantages are

  • Cost Reduction

    Direct costs for payroll processing are much higher than costs of outsourcing payrolls.

  • No Penalties

    Outsourcing payrolls frees you from worrying about fines and penalties. It is believed that 40% of small businesses pay penalties for late or incorrect filings. Many payroll services provide a tax guarantee and make sure that there would be no fines and if there are take responsibility for them. For this reason alone, payroll outsourcing is cost justified.

  • Brings Fun back into Business

    When payrolls are outsourced the tedious and painful chore of doing payrolls is off your head. This frees you to look into the aspects of your business which you enjoy.

  • Attention Focused on Core Issues

    Management can focus on dealing with core issues of the business instead of the nitty-gritty non-core issues, when payrolls are outsourced. This saves time and energy which can be put to better use.

  • Lowers Risk Potential

    Doing payrolls on your own can be risky, as along with working on your core-issues you need to look into confusing aspects of payroll making like, update tax tables, locate forms, submit reports and make payments. This distracts one from the business at hand and at the same time increases the risk of mistakes in the payroll.

  • Direct Deposit

    You can offer your employees a convenience-direct deposit. No more bothersome trips to the bank and this saves time too!! This also eliminates paper-handling which is less efficient, time consuming and prone to errors.

  • Walkouts Don’t Matter

    Losing an employee who does the payroll to a new job is no longer a worry if you outsource payrolls.

  • Experts at your Service

    Payroll expertise of the payroll service employed is at your beck and call, so you no longer have to keep track of the constantly changing rules, forms, etc.
    Also, updating of latest payroll software is no longer your headache!!

  • Service delivery

    We at Global Opportunities believes in providing excellent services to the clients with 100 % accuracy and that’s the reason we have sustained our self for more then a decade now, Clients trust Global Opportunities as We provide integrated high quality services within the agreed timelines, which frees up your management attention and resources tied up in your payroll process.

  • Compliance Management

    Compliances are the very foundation of our outsourcing values. We comply with all statutory requirements and our systems are regularly updated to reflect changing regulations. We ensure and check all the compliances are being fulfilled on time and our clients are also updated.

  • Technology

    We use latest technology software’s and also keep our clients updated with the latest technologies. Technology is core to our service delivery as we explore means and methods to deliver with speed and accuracy.

  • Local Expertise

    We are into business for more then 10 years now & our distributed business across PAN INDIA allows us to facilitate access for you globally. We employ Chartered accountants, Payroll Specialist and HR specialists, MBA’s only. We regularly meet our clients and focus on customer care.

  • Process Capabilities

    At Global Opportunities we follow all the process step by step and provide the future Milestones to clients before preceding any task. We offer consistent delivery across locations and clients through robust policies and processes for project management, migration, delivery, and reporting and client management.

  • Process analytics

    At the end of the entire process, Global Opportunities will also submit a comprehensive detailed data analytics of the entire process with all the numbers and ratios mentioned in form of HR reports that can also be amended as per the HR requirements.

  • Sharing Updates

    We provide all the statutory and compliances related updates, notifications to all our clients timely and keep a check that all the reminders/ alerts/ documents submission are in the knowledge of clients.

  • Confidentiality

    We understand the sensitivity of client information handled by us. We take all appropriate measures to ensure confidentiality internal to Client and Global Opportunities, as well as external confidentiality. All associates in our firm are bound by stringent integrity and confidentiality clauses as part of their terms of employment.

I have used Global Opportunities to assist me with IT & Operational recruitment. I have always found Global Opportunities to be extremely professional and focused. They take the time to understand the needs of both sides involved in a recruitment process.

- Director HR
Leading Diagnostics company in Gurgaon, India

Global Opportunities have been selected as preferred supplier for all IT and Technical recruitment. Their understanding of our business and speed of delivery has made them stand out against all of their competition – Very good service time and time again.

- Recruitment Head
Leading IT Technology & CMM Level 5 company in Bangalore, India

Global Opportunities have been a consistent source of inspiration and help in IT Recruitments in India Ltd. A strong team guidance and flawless help in recruiting resources for the Zone. Always been clear in his vision and clarity of job work.

- HR Head, India
Leading Telecom Company, India

Global Opportunities Executive Search helped us in the search for a VP/GM in our sector. We worked closely with their partners during the process and were impressed with their market insight and the personalized attention and time they dedicated to our search.

- Head HR, Asia Pacific
Leading Financial Company

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